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Rules and Regulations

Rule 1

There is NO entry fee

Rule 2

Films will not be accepted without the submission form.

Rule 3

Film should either be uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo and should be kept public and downloadable.

Rule 4

A separate form should be filled out for each submission, if you are submitting more than one film.

Rule 5

The duration should not be LESS or MORE than 60 seconds.

Rule 6

All content should be original.

Rule 7

The Film should be subtitled in English.

Rule 8

The Film should NOT have any credits or watermark.

Rule 9

The festival will not bear any expenses for participants.

Rule 10

The festival has rights to screen these films on any collaborating festival or media.

Rule 11

Only the approved films will be part of the festival and will be uploaded on official website & social media outlets.

Rule 12

Not abiding by the rules will lead to disqualification.