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Sara Ishaq

Sara Ishaq is an Academy Award and BAFTA nominated Yemeni-Scottish filmmaker, she has worked on multiple documentaries for international TV outlets such as BBC and Channel 4, and directed her award-winning independent films Karama Has No Walls (2012) &The Mulberry House (2013). She co-founded media collective #SupportYemen, and since 2015, she has been teaching filmmaking in Sana'a, Yemen, while documenting the ongoing war. In 2017, she co-founded the Yemen-based Comra Films film foundation that focuses on film training and production. She is currently developing her first fiction feature film.

Kanwal Khoosat

Kanwal Khoosat is a critically acclaimed director, writer, and designer who has produced work across theatre, film, and television. Kanwal started her career by writing and directing plays for television. Her last series, 'Ao Kahani Buntay Hain' depicted 13 different stories based on psychological drama. A firm believer of providing quality entertainment befitting all ages while simultaneously making audiences question their preconceived notions, Kanwal then moved to directing and producing theatre plays as the Executive Director of Olomopolo Media. Her plays Mushk, Jhaanjar Di Paanwaan Chhankaar, and Teesri Dhun have been unanimously lauded by critics and audiences for their impeccable performances and seamless entwining of narrative, music, and set design while delivering daring yet pertinent social messages for the contemporary Pakistani society. Kanwal's plays have not only been produced all across Pakistan but have also been invited to the USA and UK for performances and are also in the process of being made into telefilms. Keen to use her practice to affect social change, Kanwal has been conducting festivals, conversations around contemporary social, environmental, and political issues, and film screenings and theatre plays at Olomopolo Media, a safe space for people across ages, classes, and gender to witness art and engage in healthy debate. She also enjoys teaching and has taught theatre, filmmaking and media studies at university and school level. Eager to expand her skill-set and always learn more, Kanwal has also recently produced a feature film.

Shoaib Iqbal

Shoaib Iqbal has an experience of near 13 years of working as a teacher, theatre director, workshop trainer, festival director, youth performance facilitator and inter-disciplinary artist. He taught first “Theater in Education” course in Pakistan at Ali Institute of Education, Lahore for near 3 years. Shoaib has developed Arts Education integration workshops which are unique in Pakistan; and has been attended by the staff of several major public and private schools. Among various art projects he has created over the years, one of the most important is Lahore International Children’s Film Festival, the first and largest children’s film festival in Pakistan which he leads as Festival Director.
Shoaib was selected in 2006 as Kennedy Center Fellow at Devos Institute of Arts Management; one of the most competitive and prestigious arts management program in the world. He not only studied arts management and worked in the Center on projects; but also attended many arts education workshops for teachers the Center offered.
In 2009, Shoaib received Endeavour Executive Award from the Australian government and became a Commonwealth Fellow. Through his fellowship; he worked with Melbourne Intl. Children’s Film Festival and the University of Melbourne on theatre and arts management projects.

Mansoor Khalid

Mansoor is a media practitioner with vast experience in Pakistan’s tv and film industry. He holds a master’s degree in media studies from the UK and served various leading tv channels and a production house in content and creative departments. He produced Pakistan’s first ever short films project on Geo TV’s youth channel. He was the project head of first Pakistan International Film Festival (PIFF) in 2018.