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School 60

Every year, 60 Second International Film Festival conducts workshops on film-making in various national and international institutes. School 60 has been designed in a way that it is able to create socially aware filmmakers who can use the medium responsibly, foster positive learning experiences, and advocate social change through the medium of film-making and storytelling.

60SIFF App

Stay updated with all things 60SIFF! The 60SIFF App is the one stop for all information before, during and after the festival. You can submit a film, view the best film and even register for the festival from your handheld devices. The app also works as a mediator, allowing you to network with other film enthusiasts attending and participating in the festival.

The Minute Story App was launched to provide an easy to use, efficient, innovative and portable tool for the youth to capture the stories around them in a form of a 60-second film. The app can be used to record live stories or import old video clips from the device’s gallery. The interactive layout of the app then allows the users to edit the clips by adding sound and transitions to it. The best part is, it’s only a minute long! As a venture of the 60 Second Intl. Film Festival, it promotes the same goals and objectives of getting the story across in a short span of time.

60SIFF is dedicated towards making filmmaking easy and accessible to amateur filmmakers. For this reason, in collaboration with several other implementing partners, 60SIFF developed an educational smartphone application called Citory, with the Citory application one can be a filmmaker on their own. Citory is a powerful application that allows the users to take pictures and record videos from their own Android devices and then edit them to make complete 60-second videos or photo stories. The concept based on in-phone editing removes the need of having fancy cameras or complex editing software at hand.

Cafe 60

Café 60, an initiative of the 60 Second Intl. Film Festival is an eco-friendly, food loving environment that is the perfect stop for any day! What sets the café apart from other food outlets is its healthy environment that is not just conducive to good food but also to freedom of expression and creativity. At Café 60, youth is provided with an avenue to network and partake in discussions on socially relevant topics. Not only this, but the café also aspires to offer screenings of thought-provoking films and host a rich collection of literary masterpieces.

The Citizen Journalism Support Network is an online portal that has been created with the goal of improving the quality of journalism in Pakistan. This is a platform that shall host purposeful and ethically sound stories by students and aspiring journalists. The network presents an opportunity for talented individuals to regularly display their work and enhance their journalistic skills through blogs, video blogs, and photo blogs.

Building on the basic right of freedom of opinion and expression, Izhar By Film Fellowship is a platform for the youth that encourages, trains and celebrates 'expression' (izhar) through storytelling and filmmaking. Izhar By Film has been created with the sole motive to harness the power of storytelling and the medium of film in order to empower individuals so they raise their voice on issues that matter to them and the community around them. This program seeks to train young adults through rigorous training and mentorship sessions to not just involve themselves in a creative process of storytelling through filmmaking but also convey impactful messages to the society.