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How do I submit my film?

Upload your film on YouTube/Vimeo, fill out the form here, provide the link to the film in the form, and submit it.

Do I need to pay a fee to submit my film?

There is no entry fee.

Can I submit more than one film?

You can submit as many films as you like. However, a separate form should be filled out for each submission.

Can my film be less than 60 seconds?

The minimum duration of your film can be 55 seconds.

Is filling out the online form mandatory?

Yes, films will not be accepted if the form is not submitted.

How big can my team be?

There is no restriction as to how many team members you have.

Will my film be uploaded on 60SIFF’s website?

Only the selected top films will be available on the website.

Can my film be in any language other than English?

Yes, but make sure to subtitle it in English.

Can I watermark my film?

No, watermarked films will not be accepted.

How will I know if my film gets selected?

You will receive an email notification from our team.

What should be the format of my film?

Your film can be in any format.

What should be the file size of my film?

There is no restriction to that.

Can I upload my film on any website other than YouTube or Vimeo?

No, only films uploaded on Youtube and Vimeo will be accepted.