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About us

About 60SIFF

60 Second Intl. Film Festival promotes storytelling through the use of powerful visuals and the exchange of ideas through a purposeful platform that serves as a medium to conduct discourse sessions amongst masses. 60 Second Intl. Film Festival has been a celebrated initiative and has had the opportunities to conduct screenings across Pakistan, and internationally at Open Space Network, Delhi International Film Festival in India, AIESEC Blida in Algeria, the USIP headquarters in Washington DC and Harvard University in Boston, USA amongst several other locations. 60 Second Intl. Film Festival works with the drive to empower the youth by nurturing a positive learning experience, Improve the understanding of deep-rooted issues and enable freedom of expression by providing a platform that promulgates views of masses.

  1. 2012

    The beginning

    While the conception of a platform designed to voice opinions, ideas, and thoughts of youth was the first step, the actual execution was a more complex process. Many challenges were faced by the founders of the festival as they tried to mobilize all possible resources to realize their dreams. Due to the limited team and lack of scope for such niche work, there was fear that films will not be received at all.

  2. 2013

    The expansion

    After the conclusion of the first round of 60 Second film festival, it was clear to the teams that it was time to expand and explore more talent.

  3. 2014

    Its time to go big

    In 2014, the festival was officially announced as an international entity and the name changed from 60 Second film festival to 60 Second Intl. Film Festival. The third round of the festival was conceived with the objective of celebrating visuals. The design grid revolved around visuals throughout the campaign duration. Many photographers sent their pictures to support the campaign and were dully certified.

  4. 2015

    Lets film

    2015 was a major transformation as our moto evolved from “Gotta Story to Tell” to “Lets film”

  5. 2016


    Much about the country goes unnoticed in today’s happening world of bad new and so for its 5th round, 60SIFF felt it was imperative to highlight the positive aspects of Pakistan.

  6. 2017

    Folk stories

    This year the festival moved to a theme-based call for submissions instead of the categories that were used in earlier festivals. The theme for this cycle was Folk stories.


60 Second Intl. Film Festival

60 Second Intl. Film Festival (60SIFF) is a platform for all young talented filmmakers from all over the world that is one step closer to bridging the gap between cultures and creating strong global ties among aesthetically driven individuals, encouraging filmmakers to step up and ‘film’ their thoughts in 60 seconds on any of the given categories and with any facility, the most important element is your talent. Show us what you have and showcase your talent the stage is ours the show is yours. This continuous flow of information stands as a point of education for many, to educate, aware and inspire.

Team 60SIFF


Founder & Festival Director

Affan Alam

Cofounder & Creative Director

Ms. Faija Parween

Manager International Relations

Manal Obaid

Marketing and Communication Manager

Noor ul Huda

Digital and PR Manager

Sarmad Hassan

Content creator & Trainer

Haris Khalid

Head of Technicals

Imaad Ali

Associate Tech & AV

Nimra Sajid

Research Associate

Omer Mujtaba